"Research demonstrates that children who attend a quality preschool that includes language and literacy instruction are likely to be more successful in literacy development than children who do not; this holds true in all types of communities.

Morrow, Lesley, Diane Tracey, and Jennifer Del Nero. "Chapter 3: Best Practices in Early        Literacy." Best Practices in Literacy Instruction . Lesley Morrow  and Linda Gambrell.        4th ed. New York: The Guilford Press, 2011. 
The Learning Playhouse is located near Richmond, Virginia in Chesterfield County 
at the intersection of Providence and Buford Roads.  

We take pride and care of over an acre of grass and two large jungle gyms 
because kids need space to run and play.

We are a single school that is owner operated. 
Our time is not split with others.  We are totally devoted here.

We have no stockholders to please, only families.  

No accountants in a distant city are making decisions for us.  
Only our families affect our decisions.  

There is no franchiser to pay each month.  We work hard to keep our costs low.
Our big back yard
We help to develop the mind and soul of children from the ages of 2 - 12. 
Our schedules allow for before and after school, as well as all day for pre-schoolers.
We focus on preparing your child for life's little challenges, 
while at the same time, allowing them just to be kids.
The Main Room
Inside the Preschool Building
Our Garden
The School Age   Building's Big Room
We don't close for snow days! 
Our Playground Up the Hill
Welcome to The Learning Playhouse
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