Do You Know?

Do You Know What To Do When Your Child Has a
Strong Willed Personality?

Check out this Parenting Magazine article "Stubborn Kids" by Lisa Oppenheimer to learn about the following formula for success: 

I. Bullheaded by Nature?
II. The Bright Side of Boldness
III. Let Them Be Heard
IV. Teach About Give and Take
V. Lead by Example
VI. Treat a Stubborn Kid Like Any Other Kid

Try Parenting Magazine's tips in the article "Positive Discipline" by Paula Spencer. "Tired of yelling? Learn about positive discipline, and how what you say - and how you say it - can get the results you want"

Focus your message
Be specific
Use "I" not "you" phrases
Don't overload
Make it catchy
Follow through
Be realistic
Respond to noncompliance
Don't harangue
Adjust your attitude
Be calm
Be confident
Be connected
Avoid negativity
Congratulate good behavior
Issue gentle reminders
Present choices
Don't ask, tell
Try when/then
Count to 10
Invite input
Say please and thank you
Check back for more "Do You Know?" facts and tips!