Do You Know?

Do You Know If It Is Time
To Start Potty Training Your Toddler?

Take this QUIZ from to find out if your toddler is ready.

1. Does your child stay dry for at least two hours at a time during the day?
2. Is your child usually dry when he wakes from a nap?
3. How would you describe your child's bowel movements?
4. Does your child regularly imitate other family members or friends in the bathroom?
5. Can your child follow simple instructions?
6. Does your child seem uncomfortable with soiled diapers and want to be changed?
7. Is it obvious to you when your child is about to urinate or have a bowel movement?
8. Can your child walk to and from the bathroom, and undress himself?
9. Does your child ask to use the toilet or potty chair?
10. Is your child usually able to sit still for several minutes at a time?
11. Does your child express interest in wearing "grown-up" underwear?
12. When you change your child's diaper, how frequently is it wet?

Baby Center's article: "The ABC's of Potty Training"
Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board

A. Assess your child's readiness — and your own
B. Buy the right equipment
C. Create a routine
D. Demonstrate for your child
E. Explain the process
F. Foster the habit
G. Grab some training pants
H. Handle setbacks gracefully
I. Introduce night training
J. Jump for joy — you're done!

Baby Center's article: "Potty Training: Your Questions, Answered"
Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board
Two BabyCenter potty training experts, Dr. Edward R. Christophersen and Meg Zweiback, address some of the most frequently asked potty training questions.

Mayo Clinic article: "Potty Training: How To Get The Job Done" by the Mayo Clinic Staff

I. Is it time?
II. Ready, Set, Go!
III. Accidents will Happen
IV. When to Seek Help article: "10 Things to Know About Potty Training"
By Tricia O'Brien
This is a ten-step guide that will get you started on the right track in potty training! article: "20 Best-Ever Potty Training Tips"
By Lauren Wiener
Once your child is ready to potty train, try these tips!

Pull-Ups article: "How I Knew My Kids Were Ready to Potty Train" by Dave HaglerDave's personal expressions on how he knew it was time to start potty training his children.

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