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Do You Know How the Heat Affects Your Children?

KidsHealth Article "Heat Illness"

Our bodies are naturally cooled through sweating. However in certain conditions it is not enough and could result in heat cramps, heat exaustion, or heatstroke.

Causes of heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or heatstroke:
high temperatures
high humidty
vigorous exercise in hot weather

Heat Cramps

What are heat cramps?
Brief, severe cramps of the legs, arms, and or abdomen muscles. Even though they may be painful, heat cramps are not dangerous.

When do heat cramps occur?
They can occur during or after vigorous exercise in extreme heat if you are not keeping hydrating by drinking enough fluids before and during exercise.

How do you get heat cramps?
Sweating causes the body to lose fluids and salts and the lack of salt causes muscles to cramp

How do you treat heat cramps?
Usually no special treatment is needed
Find a a cool place to get out of the sun and heat, rest, and drink fluids Massaging the cramped muscles might help as well

Heat Exhaustion

What is Heat exhaustion?
A step farther than heat cramps
It is a more severe heat illness that can occur when someone in a hot environment hasn't been drinking enough fluids.

What are symptoms to watch for?
   clammy skin
   nausea and/or vomiting
   hyperventilation (rapid breathing)

How do you treat heat exhaustion?
If left untreated, heat exhaustion may go into heatstroke, which can be fatal.
   Bring your child indoors or into the shade
   Loosen or remove your child's clothing
   Encourage your child to eat and drink
   Give your child a bath in cool water
   Call your doctor for further advice
   If your child is too sick to eat or drink (IV) fluids may be necessary


What is heat stroke?
The most severe form of heat illness, a life-threatening medical emergency. Heat stroke is when The body loses the ability to regulate its temperature.  If the body temperature gets to 106° F or above, it can cause brain damage or even death. It is necessary to get immediate medical treatment to lower the body temperature.

What causes heat stroke?
Things that increase the chances of heatstroke include overdressing, extreme physical exertion in hot weather, and inadequate fluid intake in the hot weather. It can also happen if a child is left in a car on a hot day.

What are the symptoms?
   flushed, hot, dry skin and they are not sweating
   temperature of 105° F or above
   severe throbbing headache
   weakness, dizziness, or confusion
   sluggishness or fatigue
   decreased responsiveness
   loss of consciousness

How do you treat heat stroke?
If your child is displaying any of the symptoms listed above, immediately call for medical attention!

What can you do while waiting for help arrive?
   Move your child indoors prefereably or at least into the shade out of the sun
   Undress your child and sponge or douse him or her with cool water
   Do not give them anything to drink

Note: TLP Teachers adjust outside times during the Summer based on the weather and heat
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